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Married At First Sight's Jonesy moves on with a former contestant

Amy Lyall |

It looks like Scarlett and Andrew have gotten very close since their time on Married At First Sight.


It’s not unusual for Married At First Sight contestants to stay connected after the show, especially if they don’t find love.

And looks like Scarlett and Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones have become very close in the months since the show.

Over the weekend she posted a snap to Instagram cuddled up with him and gushed about why she likes him and revealed she’s been staying at his house.



“Andrew I like you because u r genuine and funny”

“U said to my friend why does scar likes me is it because of tv which is so silly because 1 I was on tv an two I was on the SAME show,” [sic] she wrote.

“No Andrew I like u because u r genuine an funny u let me stay at ur house while u we’re away, u confide in me about things u don’t tell anyone else, I loved singing with u an even tho I don’t believe it u think I’m gorgeous. Thanks for being my friend,” [sic] she finished the post.

In the snap Jonesy had his arm wrapped around her shoulders and they looked happy to be in each other’s company for her birthday.

Scarlett posted another shot from the night on her Instagram page and again Jonesy was cuddled up close to her as they sat at a table with her friends.



It’s not the first time they’ve sparked romance rumours

At the Married At First Sight finale Jonesy and Scarlett got very flirty while the contestants all reconnected and sparked rumours of a budding romance.

Jonesy and Scarlett could have bonded over their failed marriages but it’s clear there is a connection going on between them.

According to some media reports the pair was spotted hanging out together earlier this year in Perth, well after the show wrapped filming.

Jonesy was branded the series villain after his relationship with ‘wife’ Lauren ended and for how he mocked his second ‘wife’ Cheryl, but it doesn’t look like Scarlett cares.

This could be another budding love story from the show.