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The 'very valuable lesson' Fifi Box learnt while on a family holiday

Amy Lyall |

Fifi Box is in Bali enjoying a holiday with her daughter, but forgot to pack something crucial!


Radio personality Fifi Box and her daughter Trixie are currently soaking up the sunshine in Bali.

From the happy snaps she’s been posting online it looks like they’ve been having the most wonderful time, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

Fifi forgot to pack one very important thing for her four-year-old daughter and took to Instagram to share her ‘very valuable parenting lesson’ with her followers.


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Fifi learnt the hard way that she has to remember to pack her daughter’s dolly

The mum-of-one posted an adorable snap of her daughter proudly holding onto a brand new baby doll toy and wrote: “I learnt a very valuable parental lesson this holiday.”

“Never forget to pack your daughter’s baby doll because she will ask for her baby doll at five-minute intervals for three days straight until you spend half a day in a taxi driving all over Bali trying to find a toy store. But it was worth it for this smile,” she wrote.

The post has been liked over 5,000 times and plenty of her followers have praised her for being such a good mum, while others have shared their own stories.



Mum’s shared their own stories and tips

“We just did the same thing!! We couldn’t watch our daughter walk around the beach with her imaginary dolls in strollers anymore. Will never forget her doll again!!” wrote one mum.

Another mum gave a handy tip: “Don’t leave their snuggle toy/bear/comforter on the bed. Ours got mixed up in the sheets when housekeeping came and never returned. We made lost posters with rewards and everything. Lesson learned… our new Bed Bear goes on top of our suitcase every time we leave the room now!”

Fifi also replied to all the mums asking where they found a toy shop in Bali: “It’s called Kids Station at the Beachwalk mall in Kuta.”

We’re sure that handy tip is going to save a lot more parents who end up stranded without a favourite toy while in Bali.

It doesn’t look like Trixie will be putting her new dolly down anytime soon and we’re sure this is one story Fifi will never let her forget when she’s older.