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Mum teaches son invaluable lesson after he was mean to girl at school

Six-year-old Callum marched off to school with a bouquet of flowers to apologise for his bad behaviour.


When Zowiie Williams found out her son had been mean to a little girl, she was not going to let him get away with it without making up for his actions.

Her six-year-old son Callum had spoken meanly to his ‘girlfriend’ Billy-Rea and then broke up with her at school.

He later felt bad about his behaviour and decided he wanted to do something to make up to her.

So after picking up some flowers he marched off to school to apologise and admit he made a big mistake.


flowers2Zowiie’s son Callum admitted he made a mistake, after speaking rudely to a girl at school. Source: Facbeook. 


“He said words that should never leave a six-year-old’s mouth”

It all started when Callum wanted to play ‘duck duck goose’ with Billy-Rea and her friends at school, but they didn’t want him to play as it was just the girls playing.

“He felt upset that he was left out and his boy mate told him what he should say,” his mum explained to Metro.

“He had said words that should never leave a six-year-old’s mouth and he ‘broke up with her’ – in front of his peers.”

But by the time Callum arrived home he felt bad and told his mum he “made a mistake”.

Zowiie called Billy-Rea’s mum to make sure the little girl was OK, but heard the youngster had returned home from school very upset.

The Northern Irish mum was very disappointed about her son, and knew he had to learn a lesson.


flowers3The awesome mum-of-four. Source: Facebook


“It is never okay to be mean to anyone, especially a girl”

Callum was talking with his mum about what he could do to make it up to Billy-Rea, and decided he wanted to apologise and copy his stepdad’s move, who bought flowers when his mum was upset.

“I explained to him that he most definitely shouldn’t have been mean and that he shouldn’t say mean things when he’s upset just because someone else tells him too,” Zowiie says.

“I also explained that buying flowers won’t automatically fix the problem and made sure that he understood he couldn’t be mean and expect anything materialistic to fix what he says, and that it is never okay to be mean to anyone especially a girl. It’s something I feel very strongly about.”



“I think it was fairly brave for a six-year-old. And a very important lesson learned”

The morning after the argument, before school, Callum got flowers and delivered them to Billy-Rea in front of their school friends.

Zowiie said Callum told Billy-Rea he was “really sorry” for being mean the day before. His school sweetheart then forgave him, and gave him a big hug.

“She had the biggest smile on her face. He left school that day holding her hand. They’ve since gone on “dates”. Their puppy love is back as it was, like nothing ever happened,” Zowiee says.

Zowie shared a photo of her son with his flowers to Facebook explaining his gesture, which has received more than 4,300 shares and 15,000 likes.

“When your son hurts a girl’s feelings, it’s our job as parents to make him understand how saying things out of anger and upset can make others feel,” she wrote in a caption.

The mum told Metro she was proud of her son for recognising and rectifying his mistake.

“I think it was fairly brave for a six-year-old. And a very important lesson learned,” she says.