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Mum who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth on footpath

Neighbours rushed to give the shocked parents second-hand baby items after they had no time to prepare for their new arrival.


Christine Harvey has had the shock of her life after delivering a baby on her own on a street, after not even realising she was pregnant.

The Massachusetts mum was suffering in pain, and about to head to the hospital, when she delivered a baby girl on a footpath.

Her boyfriend Doug Rogers was just as stunned.

“I held her. I was like ‘Huh?’ But she’s gorgeous,” he told WCVB.

“She walked over there and the baby came”

Doug said Christine was in a lot of pain on Monday and it was so bad that he called a friend to take her to the hospital, while he cared for the couple’s two other children.

“She usually doesn’t go crazy over pain, but she was really hurting, so I called a friend of mine to come get her,” he says.

But it all happened too quickly. Before their friend had arrived to take her to the hospital, Christine had delivered their six-pound, six-ounce baby girl on the side of the street.

“She sat out there, and walked over there and the baby came,” Doug says.

“She was holding something really small and there was a lot of blood.

“She’s in shock, she was like ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’.”


suprise baby3Christine gave birth out the front of her home in the US. Source: WCVB


“I thought it was her daughter’s doll”

Neighbours were also shocked to see the alarming scene unfold.

“I thought it was her daughter’s doll,” one neighbour said. “No, it’s a baby, a baby.”

Doug says despite the shock they were happy to add to their family, and both mum and baby were doing great.

“I’m just blessed right now,” he says.

Neighbours are now offering second-hand baby items for the family after they had no time to prepare for their third child.