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An expert guide to buying school shoes

Riordan Bell

Choosing the correct school shoe for your child can be a daunting task. We’ve found an expert to make sure you get it right, every time.

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An expert guide to buying school shoes


Riordan Bell graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne with a Masters in Podiatric Practice and a Bachelor of Health Science. He is a practicing podiatrist in the Sutherland Shire NSW. Find out more at

Kids will be Kids, and that means they will kick the footy, run, jump, skip and do anything they can with their school shoes on. Activity can cause a disproportionate amount of wear and tear on a shoe if it is not correctly designed, fitted and built properly.

The first challenge in going shoe shopping is selecting the correct shoe. Not only does it have to comply with the school’s policy, it has to be practical and as our kids get older be relatively fashionable. Balancing these needs can be challenging. In clinical practice children often present with issues from shoes that are badly worn or not appropriate for use at school.



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